Lifeguards & Monitors

The Lifeguards and Pool Monitors at Collins Pool Management will ensure your community pool is a safe, friendly, clean, and enjoyable pool environment.

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Lifeguards & Monitors


The Red Cross sets the standard in emergency preparedness and responsiveness. It is important for lifeguards who work together to receive the same high level of training. Some pool management companies hire lifeguards with certifications from a variety of organizations. This is not a safe practice because lifeguards need to be able to work together as a team. Even if only one guard is on duty at a time, they need to be able to effectively communicate with others who work at that location.

That's why our lifeguards are American Red Cross lifeguards. They must pass a strenuous prerequisite assessment of their physical ability in the water before they can take the lifeguarding course. The lifeguarding course must be successfully completed with accuracy in all three exam areas. Additionally, they are tested on all of their life-saving skills before they receive American Red Cross lifeguard certification.

We continue to develop these skills by providing preseason training and team building, beginning in March. You will have friendly, trained lifeguards who work together to enhance your community's safety and enjoyment of pool season. We have relationships with universities and colleges that enable us to recruit mature, responsible, motivated people. During the summer, we have lifeguard challenges to build teamwork and give your lifeguards a chance to show what they can do. Winners of the lifeguard competition challenges receive recognition and an award. All this adds up to a superior team for your facility. Lifeguards can be present at your facility all season long or requested specifically during your busiest pool times, holidays, parties, and/or special events.


Having a mature, responsible, professional adult on the premises will eliminate many common problems. Our pool monitors receive preseason training beginning in March. They practice negotiating many special scenarios and circumstances that may arise during the pool season. Collins Pool Management pool monitors will ensure that your community is maintaining a safe pool environment and that your community's standards are adhered to.

Pool monitors check pool patrons in and have them sign a notice that they are swimming at their own risk. This ensures that patrons are knowledgeable of accidents that can happen in and around the water and reduces liability issues. Pool monitors are not trained to save lives like lifeguards, but they do maintain safety by recognizing hazards and promoting pool safety. In addition, they maintain the cleanliness of the deck, pool, and restroom facility. We can provide pool monitors for your facility all season long or you can request a pool monitor during your busiest pool times, holidays, parties, and/or special events. Whatever the case, we will meet your community-tailored needs.