How Can We Help You?

Please complete the information in our online request form. Once submitted, we will contact you to schedule a consultation and discuss details specific to your pool. Finally, we will meet you at your facility to create a custom maintenance plan to fit your unique facility's needs.

The Red Cross sets the standard in emergency preparedness and responsiveness. It is important for lifeguards who work together to receive the same high level of training. That is why our guards are all certified through the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training program. Our training plans emphasize emergency preparedness, teamwork, and professionalism.

We are a full-service pool management company that cares about its customers. We understand that no two facilities are the same and make it our personal responsibility to adhere to your unique standards. We are locally owned and operated, and as members of your community, we genuinely care about your pool and its occupants! We believe it is our duty to continually educate our staff and anticipate the needs of the community.

For us, commercial pool management is far more than just a job—it’s a passion. Each member of our small but dedicated team is a pool enthusiast and we are confident that we know everything about managing, maintaining, and repairing a pool. This is not a claim we make lightly, but we believe that our customers’ continued approval is a sign that we are doing it right. We know that pool management can be a full-time job, often leaving you with little time to take care of other tasks—and that is where we come in.

  • Weekly cleanings
  • Leak detection
  • Pool openings
  • Pool closings
  • Water level and safety inspection and maintenance
  • Water mineral management
  • Algae management and removal

Many pool owners and operators are overwhelmed and undereducated about proper pool care, resulting in damaged, unsafe, unclean, and sometimes unused pools. We are happy to answer all your questions, and educate you on proper pool care to better equip you with the knowledge to ensure that your pool is long-lasting and functional.

Many pool operators do not realize that taking care of your pool during the off-season is just as important as pool maintenance during the warmer months. Ensuring proper off-season pool care will help to avoid any costly water and equipment problems. It also ensures a smooth opening so that your community can enjoy the pool during the operating season.

  • Keep an eye on your filtration system, checking for any water build-up. Unwanted water build-up in the system can cause the water to freeze and expand, causing the pool liner to crack.
  • When practical, maintain a debris and leaf-free pool cover.
  • Make sure the pool cover is nice and tight and does not sag or have loose corners when covering the pool.
  • Use algaecide right before you plan to re-open the pool to make sure any existing or unnoticed algae in the water is eliminated.
  • To prevent algae from growing as the weather warms up, add some chlorine to the pool before opening.

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