Pool Technicians

Essential Functions:

  • Cleaning of pool including vacuuming, skimming, brushing pool, etc.
  • Balancing of pool chemicals
  • Ensure pool and equipment and pool water are safe, clean and in excellent condition.
  • Routine maintenance of pool equipment.

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Pool Technicians

The Collins Difference:

  • Quality of work is the most essential duty.
  • We will train you in our methods and best practices.
  • We will send you to seminars and manufacturer’s classes when available.

Minimum Qualification:

  • Valid Georgia Driver's License
  • High School Diploma (or in progress)
  • Previous pool service experience is required. *not required for assistants*
  • Must be able to pass background check and drug test


  • Valid Georgia Driver's License
  • Must be professional, helpful and courteous to customers, employees and supervisors.
  • Work diligently to provide the highest quality of service.
  • Willingness to constantly learn more about pool service, pool equipment and water chemistry.
  • Maintain a professional appearance with appropriate clothing.
  • Knowledge of pool mechanics, tools and pool chemicals is required.
  • Must maintain clean and efficient job-sites and company vehicles.
  • Maintain accurate records on customer's site and company forms and invoices.